Every day, hundreds of people with nowhere else to turn pass through the doors of Steelbridge for a hot meal or other services. Each has a story that brought them to us.

For some, it is a recent health crisis or loss of a job that has them choosing between paying their rent or eating. Others are part of the new homeless who have recently lost their homes in the economic downturn.

Our Mission
We provide long-term restoration programs for men and women through discipleship and education while meeting the immediate needs of the community.

Some have been on the street for six months to a year. Many have been homeless for long periods of time, sometimes decades. The majority of people who seek help in our programs are burdened by alcoholism and drug addiction.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought them to us, each is welcomed and served a meal with the care that reflects God’s love for them and respects their dignity.

Live are changed because people give.

The life changing work of our residential programs are made possible through caring, generous partners and volunteers.

Our programs


Did you know there are about 120 organizations in Albuquerque that provide food to hungry people? Yes, we feed hungry people every day. A meal is temporary. A meal has no power to liberate anyone from destructive addictions. A meal cannot restore a family. 

We are focused on seeing lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ. He can forgive the most shameful sin. He can restore the most hardened heart. Jesus makes people new. 

These services are open to men through our New Life Program, and to women through our Jo Nicholson Women's Center of Hope. These structured 13-18 month programs have components to address spiritual issues, physical health, educational development, addiction recovery, emotional healing, and relationship skills.

Our recovery programs for men and women are making a life-transforming difference in the lives of hurting people in Albuquerque. They are offered FREE of charge to our guests.

Women and Children's Crisis center

Launched in 2016,  the center works to equip women who have been victims of abuse and help them transition back into society.