Thank you for your interest in our women’s program

The Jo Nicholson Women's Center of Hope residential recovery program for women are not just for the homeless. They are for any woman who wants a better life.

Less likely than men to live out on the streets, many struggling women have moved from place to place – a friend’s couch, a stairwell, a city shelter. Most homeless or near-homeless women have experienced sexual victimization, financial exploitation, emotional or physical domestic abuse that contributed their homelessness. Homeless women are often experiencing acute physical health problems. Many are burdened by alcoholism, drug addictions and mental illness.

This structured 12-18 month program has components to address spiritual issues, physical health, educational development, addiction recovery, emotional healing, and relationship skills.

Each woman in the program is assigned a case manager who meets with them regularly to assess their progress and provides individual help. Residents are given appropriate referrals to medical, dental and mental health providers, along with social service resources. 

The WCOH will consider for admission those women who are or who have recently been in a controlled environment such as jail, prison, detox unit, medical hospital, psychiatric care facility, or a drug treatment facility. 

To talk to us about the Women's Center of Hope, contact us at 505.346.4673 x129 or email us by clicking below: