Steelbridge Volunteer Newsletter - April 2018

Welcome to our FIRST EVER Steelbridge Volunteer Newsletter! We've very excited to share with you all the amazing things volunteers are doing at Steelbridge. We'll be sending them out every month. So watch your inbox!

defeating depression by serving - Barbara Smith

Meet “Mother Smith” as she has become known around Steelbridge. Her smile and servant’s heart are infectious. Barbara Smith has been volunteering at Steelbridge for 2 years. She's become part of the family.

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When her mother passed away, Barbara found herself mired in overwhelming depression. “I woke up one morning and sensed God speaking to me to do something to serve someone else.” Her mother’s legacy inspired her. “My mom was a giver” Barbara says “I wanted to do something to honor her.”

What she learned by volunteering surprised her “What amazed me about this place is that they accounted for every pencil and sock. That was amazing to me. I am a business woman and I know the importance of details and accounting. Everyone was so nice and cordial. I fell in love with it.”

Barbara has found a new calling serving at Steelbridge on a regular basis. “I enjoy it. It’s uplifting to me. I’ve had the opportunity to encourage women and men from the programs. I have been able to talk to donors on the phone and even pray with them. The staff here tells me that what I do means so much. What I tell them is that they have no idea how much giving and serving here means to me!”

Ready To Do Something? Look Here

We are always in need of people with a heart to serve. 

Here are a few of our current needs:

Are you creative and great with PEOPLE? We are looking for outgoing people to join us in our Development and Guest Services Departments.

Do you want to provide meals to the homeless and hungry? Join our Meal Service team

Are you detail oriented? We need people like you in our Finance Department.  

Do you have a heart for one on one interaction with men and women trying to turn their lives around? Become one of our mentors in our Men's and Women's Residential Programs. 

We have volunteer opportunities for every schedule. You can even manage your own schedule. View all our volunteer opportunities here

diving in: new leadership

Please welcome Kayla Taylor as our new Director of Volunteer Engagement. Kayla's currently a senior at UNM, majoring in both Speech and Hearing and Psychology. 

She's an Albuquerque native who graduated from Rio Rancho High School. 

Kayla was a member of the UNM Lobo Diving team where she competed in NCAA national diving championships.

"I love helping people," Kayla says "it's my passion." 

"I live downtown. And there are so many homeless people around me" she explains "I wanted to help them with more than just giving them money. One day, I Googled 'volunteering to help homeless people' and Steelbridge showed up in the search results. I wanted to give back. And when I showed up to serve at Steelbridge, I fell in love with the people. I keep coming back because I feel like I'm making a difference." 

If you have questions about volunteering with Steelbridge, you can email Kayla or call her at 505.346.4673 x111. 


Small businesses! Big businesses! Churches! Schools! Calling all organizations great and small! 

If you've been thinking about community service or ministry projects for your group to do - Steelbridge would love to have you! 

More Than Just A Great Smile: Uptown Dental Volunteers

More Than Just A Great Smile: Uptown Dental Volunteers

We have so many different ways for your group to serve. We can work with just about any size group and schedule. If you want your group to have an experience with maximum impact and meaning, email or call us at 505.346.4673 x111.

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