Broke? Broken? You Are Loved

Some people have been through so much pain and personal disaster that their lives should be over. It could be car accidents or health problems, caused by someone else or self-inflicted. Looking back over the story of their lives, some people say to themselves “How am I still here?” and “Why am I still alive?”

Steelbridge Women's Center of Hope Commencement

Here at Steelbridge, the men in the New Life Program and the women in the Women’s Center of Hope come from diverse backgrounds. Some come from poverty and some from affluence. There are some who have college degrees and some who didn’t make it to high school.

One of the things they all have in common is that they come to Steelbridge broke and broken. They walk in the doors with the clear and painful understanding that they can’t fix their own lives, that they need help.

Steelbridge provides programs and prayer. We provide food and family, help with jobs and housing. We’ve been doing this since 1954. Those are really good and necessary things. But that’s not what our graduates remember.

The feedback we get most from our graduates of what helpled them most is: I was loved.

Why is a life spared? To be loved. To be cared for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re broke or you’re broken.

You are loved.