Her Innocence Was Shattered By A Trusted Family Member


Veronica’s world was filled with chaos before she came to Steelbridge. “I was living on the streets” she says. Love seemed to be a foreign concept in her life. The atmosphere in the home of her biological family growing up was filled with anger and hate. “Even though they were my biological family, I didn’t feel like I fit in with them. Everyone was hateful towards each other.”

Veronica needed consistency, love, and structure. But she experienced betrayal, instability, and uncertainty. The innocence that should have been protected by trusted family members was shattered instead. Veronica ended up placed in foster care. Afraid and untrusting, Veronica would run away.

At 15, Veronica began spending more time on the streets than she did at home. Her new family were other young people on the streets who spent their time involved in drugs and crime. The drugs became her escape from the deep pain in her soul.

The drugs became her escape from the deep pain in her soul.


Motherhood came early for Veronica. She had two children during this time. But her brother became the main caregiver because her lifestyle wasn’t fit for children. The driving force in her life was drugs - escape from the pain and fear.

A drug habit is expensive and Veronica needed money. She turned to crime. Before long, she ended up in jail. For six months, Veronica had time to think about her life and the direction it was headed. She decided it was time for a change.

When her sentence was completed, she came to Steelbridge. Today, her life is headed in a new direction. She’s building a relationship with her young children. “My relationship with them today is awesome! Whenever I see them, they squeeze me so hard and don’t want to let go. In some ways, I feel like I’ve lost all that time with them. But I’m not focused on what I’ve done in my past. I’m excited about building a new future with them!”

I’m not focused on what I’ve done in my past. I’m excited about building a new future.


Veronica serves as part of the Outreach team at Steelbridge. She reaches out to people on the streets - living the life she used to live - and gives them food, listens to them, and tells the story of what Jesus has done for her.

Our partners and volunteers make Veronica’s story possible. Your faithful prayers and support mean more women like Veronica and her family can be rescued from the streets.

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