My Children Begged Me To Get Help

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Women's Program

I’ve been a drug addict since I was 15 years old. I’m from Roswell and drugs have controlled my life for so long.

I have three children. They showed me a video of myself while I was high. And then they played me a song by Chord Overstreet called “Hold On.” It said

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Women's Programs

They took you away on a table/I pace back and forth as you lay still/I pull you in to feel your heartbeat/Can you hear me screaming, "please don't leave me”

Hold on, I still want you/Come back, I still need you/Let me take your hand, I'll make it right/I swear to love you all my life/Hold on, I still need you

It broke my heart. I was getting high instead of being a good mom. I lost custody of them. My kids told me that they needed me in their lives and asked me to get help. So I did. That’s how I found Steelbridge.

if i try to change myself, i’ll fail

I took a leap of faith. I grew up as a Christian. I know that if I try to change my life on my own, I’ll fail. Here at Steelbridge, I’ve learned to put my trust in Christ.

I had been to other rehab programs but what I found here is a community, beautiful facilities, and a family atmosphere.

My goal is to regain custody of my children and become the mom they need me to be.

I’m so grateful for the donors and partners that make Steelbridge a place I can rebuild my life. It’s saving my life - and the future of my little family. Thank you.