This Was No Accident

After a traumatic brain injury, Tracy found himself homeless and lost on the streets of Albuquerque. He was out of money. He had spent the last of it at a motel the night before.

Someone had told him about a different homeless shleter he could stay at. They had given directions but somehow he got turned around and ended up at Steelbridge by mistake. He was standing outside the doors, when a Steelbridge staff member invited him in to get something to eat.

Tracy not only got something to eat, He got a new life.

Albuquerque homeless Steelbridge New Life Program

“I grew up without any religious background. I spent all my childhood working on a ranch.” Tracy had been struggling with darkness and confusion about his life. He had tried to find answers in pleasure, power, and possessions but nothing could fill the emptiness inside him.

While in the New Life Program, Tracy met Jesus and began the healing process that went beyond his brain - to his soul, his mind, and his heart.

I’ve Built a Foundation That Will Help Me Move Into My Future

“Having a structured schedule helps me. The continuing education programs have also been a real help to me as well.”

“I’ve learned to let go. It’s not easy for me to let go of the past. But I’ve built a foundation that will help me move forward into my future.”

Do You Struggle With Helping The Homeless In A Way That is Transformational Instead of Temporary?

Steelbridge partners and volunteers have made it possible for Tracy and men and women like him to be rescued from Albuquerque’s streets and live abundant lives.