She Was Sleeping Under a Bridge

Stephanie and her brother, who is paralyzed from cancer, lost their home during Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Their ceiling caved in. They camped out in the living room. They were trapped until the water receded enough to get out.

They moved to Albuquerque to stay with their mom. But she wouldn’t let them stay with her.

they ended up sleeping under a bridge for two nights

They had nowhere to go. They had no money. The ended up sleeping underneath a bridge for two days.

A motorcycle group called the Hellfighters came and brought them food and supplies and told them about Steelbridge.

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Women's Center of Hope

“I was so surprised about how warm and loving everyone is here at Steelbridge. In other shelters I’ve been to, it’s not like that. People will try to manipulate you or are cold with you. Here, you get a smile, encouragement, and the feeling that you are in a safe place.”

Here at Steelbridge, you feel like you are in a safe place

“For me, I’ve been through it all in the past few years. I'm divorced. I went through custody battles. The hurricane. I’ve battled addiction. I’ve lived on the streets. But being here at the Women’s Center of Hope, I’ve met women who have also gone through really difficult things. I have sisters here. I know I’m not alone.”

“I met Jesus here. My lifestyle was so destructive before. This wasn’t my first time being homeless. But now I feel like I’ve been set free from the darkness in my life.”

I Met Jesus Here

“Steelbridge is a miracle. I’m looking forward to getting a job and building a future. I’m learning new habits and how to overcome the struggles that have held me back. I know I can live a sober life. I’m at peace.”

To anyone who gives to support Steelbridge, know this: Your money is being used to make a difference. This place is absolutely transforming my life.”