Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up?

She was daddy’s little girl. She loved to play with crayons. Her colorful creations covered the refrigerator door. Her teachers told her that she was gifted when it came to arts and crafts.

But as she grew up, the color disappeared from her life. Her family broke apart. Mom didn’t have time to look at her artwork because she worked long hours to provide for the family on her own.

Dad was no longer there to encourage her and cheer her on. He was gone except for an occasional call for Christmas or her birthday.

Her beautiful dreams turned ugly and dark.

Commencement, Women’s Center of Hope client

Commencement, Women’s Center of Hope client

She fell into depression and turned to drugs and alcohol to numb her pain. Every morning was a reminder of how disappointing and painful her life was. She gave up. She didn’t want to live anymore. She ended up on the streets, destitute and alone.

Everyone in her life had given up on her, too.

She had given up on herself. And everyone else in her life had given up on her, too.

One day, a kind stranger referred her to Steelbridge for a safe, warm place to stay and get help. She didn’t want the help at first. She was afraid of getting her hopes up only to have them crushed in disappointment again.

After a year, she graduated. She doesn’t want to die anymore. Now she wants to live so badly that she has eternal life.

The Color Is Back

The color is back. The beauty has returned. She’s been restored to her family and working as a designer in Albuquerque, creating beautiful works of art.

Who made the difference for her? You did. Our partners are the difference. When you give, whatever amount it is, you are creating a new future for women and men like our beautiful artist.

You didn’t give up on her.