Why Is The Wealthiest, Most Educated Nation In History In So Much Pain?

They come from every walk of life. Some were raised in affluent families. Many have college degrees. It is shocking how many have held leadership positions in corporate America, earning six-figure incomes. They have families and have owned homes and nice cars. Yet, somehow they ended up homeless on Albuquerque’s streets. Alone. Addicted. Groping for their humanity.

American is the wealthiest, most educated and technologically advanced nation in human history. Why does a nation with only 4% of Earth’s population consume 80% of the opioids? What pain are we trying to numb?

Is it possible that education, money, homes, cars, and achievement isn’t enough to satisfy the longings of our souls?

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Day of Honor

Every day for 65 years, Steelbridge has been serving men and women who have become lost to the streets, helping them to rediscover their humanity. Their purpose. Restoring them to live abundant lives.

More than housing. More than food. More than medication. More than religion. The long-term residential programs at Steelbridge find their life in the living person of Jesus. His love restores. His power brings victory over addiction and pain.

Jesus makes people new. They aren’t better versions of themselves, they become the people they were created to be. Living instead of just existing.

Steelbridge partners and volunteers are part of this life-saving, soul-restoring, community-healing work every day.