Meth, Homelessness Has Lost It's Hold On Me

I grew up here in Albuquerque. I had a job out of state where I was making about $65,000 a year. I had material possessions - houses, boats, cars. I was struggling with an addiction to meth. What took me 6 years of hard work to obtain, I lost in a month.

albuquerque homeless steelbridge john

When life put it’s squeeze on me, I went back to my old life - addiction and life on the streets. I would go to Steelbridge to eat dinner and eat lunch. I ended up right outside on the sidewalk outside their doors.

A Steelbridge staff member invited me in for a meal and to come into the program.

For a year and a half, I was in the residential program. I needed it. I wanted it. I was broken. I had nowhere else to go.

My father and grandfather were pastors so I knew of God. But I didn’t really know Him personally.

when life put it’s squeeze on me, i went back to my old life

albuquerque homeless bridge

The Lord worked in my heart and changed me. I graduated the program and now I’m on staff. I get to reach out to help others who are trapped in the same life I was in. I now live to give more for others than I do for myself. I get to do that every day.

A lot of people come in to Steelbridge broken. They are struggling with addictions of all kinds - the kinds of things most people are blind to. The world on the streets is hard.

People ask me, the very people who knew me from when I was homeless, “How did you do it? How did you turn your life around?” So I’m able to share my story and give them hope.

It’s amazing, we provide clothing and shelter for women and children, but many have put their faith in Christ. Just this week, I’ve been able to lead 18 people to Jesus.

don’t wait for someone else, you be the change

Most people I serve on the streets want to change. They have names. They’ve been somewhere. They have a story. They are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.

A lot of homeless people don’t believe that they have a future - so many have lost hope. Life has trapped them. They hear the truth but can’t seem to recognize it. They have no one to speak hope into their lives.

When you see homeless people, don’t wait for a preacher or a politician to make a change - you be the change. I invite you to join us in ending homelessness at the source. Steelbridge is not putting a band aid on homelessness. We’re here to end it at the source.

Join the movement today.