He Could Make Anyone Laugh

He could make you laugh on your worst days. It was a gift. He was just funny.

He spent most of his life as an alcoholic. It cost him a relationship with his family and his children. His addiction cost him his career. It was going to cost him his life.

Graduate, New Life Program

Graduate, New Life Program

“I could make anyone laugh” he said. “My life was such a wreck that it wasn’t funny.”

He was full of shame and regret. Locked in a destructive pattern of depression and drinking, he ended up homeless and living on the streets.

I don’t like being dirty or begging for money for a drink.

“I’m just like anyone else” he said “I don’t like being dirty or begging for money for a drink. But I was a prisoner. I couldn’t break free.”

When he came to Steelbridge and entered the New Life Program, he thought it would be like every other program he had tried. But something was different.

“Jesus set me free” he said “I can’t come up with a logical explanation. I just know He filled me with life. I didn’t want to drink anymore.”

He began to rebuild his relationship with his family. As he changed, his life began to change.

He graduated the New Life Program sober and beginning a new chapter in his life with his family and work. The laughter is back and now those he loves are laughing, too.

Steelbridge partners made the difference. Our monthly partners and volunteers are committed to help for the homeless that is transformational instead of temporary.