How's Your Relationship With Your Dad?

How’s your relationship with your dad? How about with your kids? What about the rest of your family?

If it’s good and they are still alive, you should text or call them and let them know how much you love them.

If it’s not, you’re not alone.

Almost all of the men and women in our programs have problematic relationships with their fathers, children, and other members of their family.

Steelbridge New Life Program resident

Steelbridge New Life Program resident

Steelbridge teaches life skills and has a structured academic program to help men and women succeed in the marketplace. We provide personalized counseling to address emotional obstacles. And, of course, a relationship with Jesus is the foundation of our New Life Program for men and Women’s Center of Hope.

But what happens if homeless men and women are miraculously rescued from the cold streets of Albuquerque, are loved and equipped for success, and then sent back out into the world alone? What happens to them if their relationships with their parents and children aren’t restored?

Salvation includes healing the pain of the FAMILY hurt through addiction and homelessness.

How different would your life be if you had to do life without your family? What would your life be like if beginning tomorrow, you no longer had contact with them? the parents become close to their children, and he will help the children become close to their parents.
— Malachi 4:6

Jesus restores a person’s whole life, not just their soul. He turns a father’s heart towards his child and child’s heart toward her family. It begins with forgiveness - both asking for and offering.

What would happen if every person who is homeless on Albuquerque’s streets could rebuild their connections to their family? How many would return home?

Would that make Albuquerque a better city?

When you partner with Steelbridge, that’s what you’re doing. Join us.