I Didn't Feel Alone Anymore

“I was abused growing up. To cover up the pain, I started drinking when I was 11 years old. I was in a very dark place. My whole life I was struggling with alcohol. I was trying to deal with it on my own and failing. I didn’t have any guidance.”

“For two generations, my family was dominated by alcohol.” He wanted to be free. He wanted a different life.

New Life Program client

New Life Program client

“Being around other men who had struggled with the same things I was helped me to come out of my shell.”

Shame. Guilt. Fear. Despair. These are the companions of addiction. Their iron grip become the bars of the cage that were holding him captive.

He wanted to be free. He wanted to live an abundant life. A full life. He needed help.

Following Christ has opened so many doors for me

He needed more than a place to stay or food to eat. He needed a new life.

Steelbridge partners and volunteers help provide that for him. Today, he’s sober. And more. “Following Christ has opened so many doors for me.”

He is on his way to living a full and abundant life.

When you give and volunteer, you are part of this miracle. More than temporary help, transformation.

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