Does God Care?

If you are a person of faith, you believe that there is an intelligent, powerful creator who brought the vast expanse of the universe and the wonder of life on planet Earth into existence. Maybe there’s something in the sheer magnitude and complexity of that intelligence and unfathomable power that strikes us as cold, distant, and untouchable.

Does God really care about you? Could He? Would He? Why? Do you care about the ants in your yard?

Most of us would say yes, of course we believe God loves us. But do we really believe that in our heart of hearts?

Maybe we think the day to day details of our lives to be too ordinary and common for God - the ache in our back, being unappreciated by our spouse, or being overlooked at work or school.

Steelbridge Homeless Outreach
What’s the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right?

But God NEVER overlooks a single one.

And He pays even greater attention to YOU, down to the last DETAIL—even numbering the hairs on your head!
— Luke 12:6-7

Just because the daily activities of the ants in your yard don’t stir compassion or interest in you doesn’t mean God wouldn’t or couldn’t care about you.

God isn’t like you. God is love. His ways our higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He cares about every tiny detail - even the hairs on your head.

Every person matters, if you have a home or not. If you have a job or not. If you’re addicted to a substance or Netflix binges.

Because every single person matters to God, they matter to us at Steelbridge. That’s why we work every day to share His incredible love.

When you give your money, time, or talent to Steelbridge, you become part of sharing that love in a tangible way.