Living In An Abandoned Church, He Found A Bridge To A New Life

Darren was living in an abandoned church. He was homeless.

He felt like God was calling him to change his life.

Darren was listening to a song by his favorite band and felt like he needed to get to a bridge. First, he thought he needed to get to San Francisco, to the Golden Gate Bridge. If he couldn’t make it to San Francisco, he wanted to get to the sky bridge out over the Grand Canyon.

Albuquerque Homeless New Life Program

Darren took the train from Kansas on his journey westward. He ended up having anxiety attacks on the train and got off in Albuquerque. “I felt like everyone could read my mind and I had to get off the train.”

When he got off the train, he asked someone where the nearest homeless shelter was. The man drew a map to a different kind of “bridge” - Steelbridge. And he put a cross on it.

I Spent My First Night In Albuquerque, Sleeping On The Streets

Darren spent that night sleeping outside the Steelbridge Downtown Campus. When he heard someone coming around the corner the next morning, he was “scared of out [his] mind.”

The person who came around the corner, was a man named Kevin. Kevin was a client in the New Life Program at Steelbridge. Darren hopped up as quickly as he could, out of instinct. Kevin talked to him and invited him inside.

“It was very warm and welcoming. I felt the love here” Darren says.

A Bridge Is A Structure To Get You Over An Obstacle

“I’m focused on getting a job. To slow down and take life one day at a time. I don’t ever want to go back to that dark place again.”

Because of Steelbridge partners and volunteers, Darren has a place to give him more than a night of shelter - he has hope.

The definition of a bridge is “a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river or an obstacle.” Darren has found his bridge to a brand new life.