One Step Leads To Another

Dalton was at Coronado Park, near I-40 and 2nd Street. It’s a park where dozens of homeless people gather. Some to rest. Some in hope of receiving food or to connect with services. Some for less noble purposes.

24, homeless, hungry

Albuquerque homeless Steelbridge programs

He had just gotten off a train from Amarillo. Originally from Ohio, Dalton was seeking something. He was restless and wandering. He knew there was more to life than video games, pot, and pornography.

Just 24 years old, Dalton’s parents raised him to seek the normal things our culture values - an education that leads to a good job. The job ultimately affords a nice house, a car - the material things that make up the American dream.

Dalton was unsettled by those prospects. It didn’t seem like those things would satisfy his thirst for life. So he left home seeking purpose and meaning.

Albuquerque homeless Steelbridge recovery programs

Alone in a new city. Homeless. Without food or any means of support. Dalton was in the place where the lost, disconnected, and outcast go. If you’ve ever driven by Coronado Park, you know it can be a dangerous place. It’s definitely not family friendly.

And then Dalton met Ben and everything changed.

Ben is a staff member at Steelbridge. He goes into Coronado Park and other places around Albuquerque where homeless people gather. His Search and Rescue team bring socks, food, hygiene items - and hope.

ben stepped into the park, dalton stepped out

Men and women in the residential programs on the team share their story of freedom. They make an open invitation to come off the streets and begin a new life. A van is waiting to take anyone who is willing, back to the Steelbridge campus.

Albuquerque homeless Steelbridge recovery programs

Dalton left the park and got on the van. Because Ben stepped into the park, Dalton stepped out of it. He stepped into nutritious meals, clothing, counseling, housing, and a caring community of people where he would belong.

Every homeless person has a story.

Your faithful step of support allowed Ben to step into that park. Ben’s step into the park created Dalton’s step out of the park and into the Steelbridge van.

That’s how we end homelessness. Together. One step at a time.

your step of support allows him to step off the streets