I Had A Great Family, College Education, A Good Job - Yet Still Ended Up Homeless

I was a paramedic. I had a bachelor’s degree in emergency medicine. I had parents who followed Jesus, and had a great childhood and still lost my way. I tried to manage life by myself. I finally realized that I can’t do life without Christ.

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Women's Center of Hope

Briana’s childhood was filled with faith. She had a Christian education. Her parents poured love and concern into preparing Briana for a successful life. From the outside, she checked off all the boxes - good home, involved parents, robust education.

Briana was a paramedic with a promising future. She had all the tools but when she lost her job and went through some painful personal issues, she found herself addicted to drugs. Anxiety, stress, and PTSD overwhelmed her.

Once the claws of addiction dug deep into Briana’s body and mind, it took six years for her to break free. Those six years took their toll on her life. She spun out of control.

Her parents introduced Briana to the Women’s Center of Hope at Steelbridge. The Christ-centered, long-term residential program helped her to rediscover the faith of her youth. "I’m truly seeking the Lord in every area of my life. I’m trusting Him to take control of my life. I realized I can’t live life in my own power. I need Him.”

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Women's Center of Hope

I’m excited about my future. I want to go back to school to earn a graduate degree in medicine to prepare for a medical career. I want to help people. I want to spend my life helping people in pain.

Steelbridge partners and volunteers make the Women’s Center of Hope a safe place for women like Briana. Her family and friends wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. The WCOH has room for 26 women like Briana. That’s 26 fewer women who are rescued from homelessness, addiction, and prison. That’s 26 families who are able to laugh again, connect again, and hope again.

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