What If You Could Get A "Do Over" ?

Have you ever felt trapped by the decisions you’ve made? Life can get out of control quickly. It begins with a bad decision. A mess is made. A wrong choice is made in how to clean up or hide the mess. Now the whole thing is worse.

Some decisions stay with us forever. Have you ever wished you could press the pause button on your life and just rewind to start over again?

Many of our clients come in with criminal records. No one trusts them. They can’t get a job. They come in with reputations as liars, manipulators, and thieves in their families. Those reputations and records follow them like a weight around their ankles.

I assure you, everyone must be BORN AGAIN. Anyone who is not born again cannot be in God’s kingdom.
— John 3:3

When a man or woman comes to Steelbridge, they come overwhelmed and trapped. They expect to encounter nice religious people who are trying to help.

What they encounter is something different. They encounter love. Love that welcomes them where they are. Love that calls them out of a pattern of life that brings pain to others and destruction in their own lives.

a chance to start over

When someone is baptized at Steelbridge, it’s a powerful symbol. When they go under the water, it’s a symbol that the old way of life is dead and left under the water. When they come up, it’s a new start, a new person comes out.

Jesus said “You must be born again.” Our clients need a new start. When they put their faith in Jesus, He forgives their past and gives them power to life a completely different life.

When you partner with Steelbridge, you provide a new start. You help to end the cycle of addiction and homelessness. You provide a new start for not only the people in our programs, but also for their families and others connected to them.