Why God? Everyone In Her Family Died

Betty’s life began in tragedy. At 4 years old, trouble with her biological mother placed her with a different family - who ended up adopting Betty.

When she was 16, her entire family died in one year. Her biological dad died of a heart attack. Her foster mom and brother were killed in a car accident and her other brother died of sepsis.

Betty was angry at God. This became the story of her life. Life constantly taking. Betty felt she must not be worthy of love. If she was worthy, why did bad things seem to follow her everywhere?

She felt worthless. If she was worthy of love, why did death follow her everywhere?

Betty had 3 children very young and was still able to finish a college degree (BSN). For 10 years, she worked at a children’s hospital as a nurse. She also got married to a man who loved her.

But she still felt unworthy of love. No matter what she did or what she achieved. She wasn’t enough.

No matter what she achieved. She felt it wasn’t enough.

Betty tried to numb those feelings with opiates and heroin.

She quit her job because she knew she couldn’t do drugs and care for children. She ended up in jail and lost custody of her children. They were placed with a foster family.

Albuquerque homeless women's center of hope

When Betty was arrested, her husband still loved her. Her husband loved her through her drug addiction. He would tell how that God loved her no matter what she did.

While she was in jail, her husband died. Betty wasn’t allowed to attend his funeral and memorial.

His words kept ringing in her ears “God loves you. No matter what.”

She heard about Steelbridge in while she was jail. When she got out, Betty went to another women’s shelter and a woman there told her about Steelbridge. Finally, a friend packed up her stuff and brought her to Steelbridge with her stuff.

I didn’t know the Bible but I did know what real love feels like.

While at the Women’s Center of Hope, Betty learned she was worthy of love. That God really did love her through the pain and tragedy. That He had a purpose for her life.

Betty says “I don’t know the Bible very well but I know love. What real love is like. At Steelbridge, I experienced what I’ve always wanted and needed - real love, God’s love.”

Steelbridge partners and volunteers made the difference for Betty and her family. Today, Betty is working to re-establish a relationship with her children and is looking forward to rebuilding a new future with a certainty that God loves her and is going to do good things with her life.