God Had A Different Plan

I wanted to be a man. A leader. But I ended up becoming a menace to my community. I was destorying it with my gang lifestyle and criminal mentality. I was stealing cars and doing drugs. “

Believe it or not, Alonzo grew up as a very sheltered child. “I had grown up as a sheltered kid. But I wanted a different life. My big mistake was not listening to my parents. I rebelled. They told me to do one thing and I wanted to do the opposite.”

Steelbridge was not my first choice. But obviously God had a different plan.

“I had just gotten out of prison. I had a different plan of what I would do when I got out. Steelbridge was not my first choice. But obviously God had a different plan.”

Albuquerque Homeless Steelbridge Residential Programs

“My mom prayed for me constantly.”

When Alonzo got to the New Life Program at Steelbridge, he realized he couldn’t live life on his own. He needed help.

He came across the scripture that said “Come to me. All you who are weary and heavy laden. And I will give rest to your souls.”

“Come to me all of you who are tired from the heavy burden you have been forced to carry. I will give you rest.” - Jesus

“I held on to that scripture for dear life.” Jesus became a reality to him. More than a myth or a Bible story. He met Jesus and He gave him what he had been longing for.

Alonzo now has a job with a roofing company. Which is funny because he is scared of heights. He also cuts hair and has aspirations in that field as well. “Now I want to be a productive member of society. I want to bless others.”

“I don’t deserve the grace of God. But I’m so grateful that He’s changing my life.”

Steelbridge partners and volunteers made sure Alonzo had an opportunity to turn his life around.

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