According to God: Kevin's Story

Kevin's smile charms everyone he meets. When you spend any time with him, you realize quickly how talented and intelligent he is. His eyes are kind. 

Kevin grew up in the church, yet after all the sermons and church services, the message of Christ never penetrated his heart. He pursued pleasure and spent his money partying and doing drugs. He lived without purpose. "I could act as crazy as I wanted to. If something happened to me, nobody was there who would know" Kevin says. 

"I was killing myself," Kevin says now. He had tried several rehab programs but they didn't work. He had come to Albuquerque to visit his daughter and heard about Steelbridge. He came to check things out and the staff invited him to enjoy the lunch being served. 

That meal was the beginning of a new life for Kevin. 

He joined our men's New Life Program. The Bible-based structure and Christ-centered approach to recovery opened his eyes to a new way of living. "I knew needed to be here," he says. 

Years of defeat and abuse had shattered his own image of who he was and what it means to be a man. In Jesus, he's found what a real man is like. 

Now, Kevin wants to preach God's Word. He has been called to the ministry. He wants to use his testimony to see the lives of other people changed and transformed.

Every one of you who gives and invests in the ministry of Steelbridge has a part in the celebration in heaven that goes on because of Kevin. Eternal rewards. Lives changed. This is what happens when you give.