The Holidays Are Over. The Need Remains. But So Does Love. So Does Love.

The Christmas decorations have been neatly put away. Almost all the cookies have been eaten. Just the sweet memories of the holidays remain. Toys unwrapped. Family memories made. 

But today on the streets of Albuquerque, a man is sleeping on the streets in the same clothes he's had on for so long he doesn't remember. The sidewalk cold in ways that seep into his bones. Hunger gnaws at him. He is lost. He doesn't remember where he is, the day, or the date. His body is aching for another drink. 

A woman is walking near downtown. Her feet hurt so bad. Beyond numb. Beyond ache. Pavement pounding on shoes with holes. And the same socks she's worn every day for weeks. She's cold and so hungry. She wants to just stop somewhere and cry. But she can't. She's a woman, alone on the streets. She can't afford to stop. Danger is everywhere. Grabbing. Lurching. Wanting her coat. Her blanket. And more. 

The holidays are over. But need never takes a day off. Love doesn't either. 

Your gift today is proof of that. 

Steelbridge is a safe refuge from the storm. Nourishing food. Safe long-term housing. Life-changing programs. Warm clothing. A nurturing place for women and children. Compassionate care for anyone in crisis. 

For only $25/month you can join the fight against homelessness and addiction. Help someone get off the streets and into a new life. If you can't do that, a gift of any size makes a huge difference.