Victoria's Story: “I had nothing—no life in me.”

If you met Victoria, you’d have a hard time believing how bad her life used to be. Today she’s poised and confident, with a bright vision for her future. But not long ago, she was using heroin and panhandling on the streets of Chicago. “I was very beat down and empty,” she remembers. “I had nothing—no life in me.”

Victoria before coming to Steelbridge.

One day a stranger approached Victoria while she was panhandling. “What can I do to change your life?” he asked her.

Victoria answered quickly. “I need to get out of Chicago.”  

A couple of weeks later, Victoria was walking the streets late at night when the same man appeared and handed her a bus ticket out of town. Soon Victoria was on her way to Albuquerque, where her father was waiting to take her to a treatment center. However, there was still something missing. “I didn’t have any relationship with God,” Victoria recalls. Then Victoria came to Steelbridge. “That’s when I really accepted Jesus,” she says. She enrolled in the Women’s Center of Hope and began the long process of recovery.

Your continued faithfulness to Steelbridge is the reason we can continue helping people like Victoria. Your gifts are like the stranger who asked Victoria, “What can I do to change your life?” Every time you give, you are providing the answer to that question through the work of Steelbridge. You are helping men, women, and children to find a place of safety, a place to find a meal, a place for a peaceful night’s sleep, and a place to fully experience the unconditional love of Christ. You are also helping support long-term recovery like Victoria experienced in our Women’s Center of Hope.

Victoria, right before graduation from the Women's Center of Hope

Victoria, right before graduation from the Women's Center of Hope

“There’s a security now in my life,” Victoria says, “a security that I’m not here by myself. I will never have to go through anything alone, hopeless again. Because I’ve seen how faithful Jesus is.” As Hebrews 13:2 tells us, sometimes strangers are angels in disguise! Right now, you have an opportunity to be that angel for someone else like Victoria who needs help. The people you bless may never meet you, but their lives will be forever changed by your kindness.

With your help, we can continue to serve people like Victoria that God brings our way. Your generosity enables us to open our doors to the broken of Albuquerque and help them rebuild their lives on Christ’s foundation.

Victoria has found a powerful way to express her faith—through music. She has written several songs inspired by her process of recovery and she wanted to make those available friends and supporters of Steelbridge as a way of saying thank you!  Listen by clicking below: