Thank you for your interest in the New Life program!

In the New Life Program for men, men live in a dormitory together, working to break destructive habits and preparing for lives of wholeness and lasting productivity through:

  • One-on-one and group counseling sessions with counselors who model Godly character
  • Addiction recovery and family restoration curricula
  • The Learning Center offering one-on-one tutoring, remedial education and GED preparation, computer skills training, vocational training and job preparation
  • Participation in the daily tasks of running Steelbridge facility and programs, which teach responsibility, accountability, and joy of giving back
  • Daily worship, prayer and Bible studies that put men in touch with their Creator and God’s purpose for their lives.

After 12 to 18 months in the program, most students move to a re-entry phase in which they are required to meet the following criteria before graduation:

  1. Be connected to a local church community
  2. Have a job
  3. Have savings in the bank
  4. Have a place to live

To talk to us about the New Life Program, Contact us at 505.346.4673 x107 or email us by clicking below: