corporate groups

We welcome groups to volunteer throughout the year.

Many of our volunteers have special skills and gifts. If you have a professional skill, area of special knowledge or even a hobby you would like to share with our leadership or those we serve, please let us know.

We welcome the generosity and creativity of volunteers and will gladly work with you to develop a special day of service. For example, some groups fund painting days, enabling us to renew hallways, dining areas and meeting rooms. Others have brought fallow outdoor areas to life with shrubs, flowers and seating, bringing beauty and joy into the lives of our residents and guests. Some groups have helped us reorganize an entire office!

Your group can also come in and serve a meal to our guests. Our feeding schedule is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays - 4pm to 6pm.

If your group is interested in serving during Thanksgiving Week, please let us know ASAP. Those spots fill up quickly.


school groups

We love having school community service groups come and help. Please fill out the group application or if you have questions, email us with info about your group and a project you'd like to do.

If your school would like to sponsor a drive to provide our guests with basic necessities while creating a learning experience for your students and community service, we have some ideas to help. Depending on the season, items such as socks, shoes, underwear, hats, coats, and hygiene essentials are a huge help to our guests. Call our office of Volunteer Engagement at 346.4673 or email us and we'll let you know exactly what is needed at the current time.