board member

job description

1. Maintain a solid understanding of the role, responsibilities and legal duties of a director

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between governing and managing, and ensure that actions and behaviours are consistent with this distinction. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information that is learned as a director of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission
  • Understand conflict of interest issues and declare real or perceived conflicts, and disclose contracts, memberships or arrangements in which the director has an interest
  • Demonstrate support for the mission, vision, core values and Foundational Documents of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission and a high standard of personal values and ethics
  • When appointed, participate actively as a member or Chair of a committee and become knowledgeable with the mandates of the committee
  • Actively participate in some ongoing form of Christian community for worship, service and spiritual growth (for example, through regular attendance in a local church)  
  • Give generously in time and money to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission on a regular basis


2. Skills and Experience

  • Demonstrate skills and experience that are complementary to the current directors and helpful with Albuquerque Rescue Mission's current activities and strategic direction
  • Utilize external relationships and resources in making a contribution and adding value to the Mission
  • Effectively apply his/her knowledge, experience and expertise to issues confronting the Albuquerque Rescue Mission
  • Serve as a helpful resource to the Board and to management, where necessary and appropriate

3. Strategies and Plans

  • Maintain and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's strategic direction and annual plans, including an understanding of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission’s principal risks
  • Contribute and add value to discussion regarding the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's strategic direction
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluating the President/CEO’s and executive management’s success in achieving established goals set out in the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's strategic and annual plans

4. Preparation, Attendance and Availability

  • Maintain an excellent Board and committee meeting attendance record
  • Attend entire Board and committee meetings, not just parts of meetings
  • Attend meetings well prepared, having completed and understood the necessary background reading and having consulted other directors and/or management, if required, to evaluate and add value to agenda items presented
  • Demonstrate broader preparation than just the distributed material
  • Be available when needed, and be accessible and approachable
  • Have the necessary time and commitment to fulfil responsibilities as an Albuquerque Rescue Mission director and as a member of committees

5. Communication and Interaction

  • Interact appropriately with the leadership and management of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission
  • Participate fully and frankly in Board deliberations and discussions, and contribute meaningfully and knowledgeably to Board discussions
  • Be a team player – work effectively with fellow directors, and be a positive and constructive force within the Board
  • Communicate persuasively and logically, voice concerns, listen, and raise tough questions in a manner than encourages open discussion. 
  • Be willing to take a stand or express a view, even if it runs contrary to prevailing wisdom or the direction of the discussion; exercise independent judgement
  • Advise the President/CEO and/or the Chair when introducing a significant and/or previously unknown information or material at a Board meeting
  • Provide the Nominating and Development Committee with the names of potential Corporation and Board members who meet the established criteria for Board membership.  

6. Business and Sector Knowledge

  • Maintain and demonstrate a strong understanding of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's business, services/products, markets and operations
  • Maintain and demonstrate knowledge of important sector trends and the competitive environment
  • Where appropriate, use outside contacts to increase understanding of the various issues with which the Board is concerned
  • Establish knowledge of the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's senior management team and other high potential senior employees
  • Remain knowledgeable about the Albuquerque Rescue Mission's operations and participate in a minimum of one field trip during their tenure on the Board.