Give Thanksgiving meals

We remember that Jesus didn’t just talk about love. He fed people when they were hungry! We’re working hard to show that same practical compassion for the people of downtown Albuquerque. The great thing is that we can do it all so inexpensively. We’ve been at it for a long time here at the Mission—60 years! 

We’ve learned to make the most of our resources. And we receive generous food donations from people who believe in the ministry. As a result, we can feed a hungry person a great Thanksgiving meal for just $1.92. That means your gift today will be marvelously multiplied. 

A donation of just $19.20 will feed ten people. $96 will feed 50. And a gift of $192 will provide meals for a hundred hungry people! I hope you’ll join with us in this joyous Thanksgiving celebration as we share God’s blessings with people who really appreciate it.